ASP.NET Web applications

PROMES BVBA develops ASP.NET internet/intranet applications with high database and communication interactions.

The power of PROMES ASP.NET development

  • Since we developed our own database connectivity modules, we are not limited to Oracle and MS SQL server databases
  • Security and access control fully Active Directory compatible.
  • Standard multi language structure. Full culture support
  • Navigational history stored per workstation on server disk, not in cache
  • Communication with shopfloor devices through extra services on server
  • Easy integration with pocket PC devices (either Windows CE or PalmOS)

A few samples

  • Real estate database. Please visit the implementations in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent
  • Pallet labeling system. Application generates SSCC coded labels for expedited pallets. Communication with labelling robots through NT services
  • News and product information for the packaging, graphical, converting and related equipment industries. News is published through PRODBX mailing component. Please visit our partner Q4Matics