Product overview

Configuration manager

The configuration holds the way data is exchanged between connection clients.

  • Connections: defining the connection type used and the specific parameters for this connection. For each of the connections you specify how the client communicates with the dispatcher.
  • Tables and field mapping: what source tables and fields to exchange, to what destination it should be written, and what function is executed in between.
  • Functions: the translation scripts (VB or Java)
  • Batch scheduler: defining a batch-oriented task and schedule the frequency of execution.

Functionality supported:

  • One source may be distributed to different destinations. One source record or one OPC source item can be distributed to multiple destination clients (databases, OPC servers, ...), tables or multiple records.
  • Obsolete check. With this option you can delete obsolete records in the destination database, without adding extra fields to that database, or without deleting the entire table and recreating it again.
  • Update time control. This function will 'park' transactions that have an older update timestamp then the last update written to the destination database table. This should prevent the application of updating the database with old not relevant data.
  • Configuring OPC by directly connecting to the OPC server.
  • Testing the translate-functions while developing them in the 'Functions' section
  • Scheduling night-time shutdown and restart of the system. To enable backup of database without having the PRODBX client being connected.