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Record file connection

A record file is an ASCII oriented flat file where the fields (columns) are identified by their full written name. This is one of the common technologies used by applications providing export and import mechanisms. To learn more about how to use these files, go to the knowledge base section.

You define a connection client of this type by selecting RECORD FILE in the connection type listbox of the edit connections screen.


A record file contains the representation of one database table. The name of this table is always 'FILE'. The columns or fields in that table are defined by column-tags in the file. A column tag may having leading characters or trailing characters. The hexadecimal representation of these characters is defined in Column id starts with and Column id ends with.

Logically after a column tag + its trailing characters you'll find the data belonging to this column in this record. The data is written until the 'Line ends with' control characters.

Records are separated by control characters. The hexadecimal representation of it is written in 'Record ends with'.