Configuration Manager

Batch Scheduler

When you want a 'Source tables and mapping' entry (This is a combination of source connection and source table) to be available in the connection client to run through the batch channel, you can define this in the Batch Scheduler section.

You may also specify the batch to run at regular periods.

  • Batch Schedule: the name you give to this batch (lim. 50 characters). Whenever you define a batch for a connection client, you will get an extra menu option 'Batch' where you can start your batch with. This in the connection client you defined the batch for.
  • Description: Short description of the batch schedule
  • Source connection name: The connection client involved
  • Source table name: the source table that is to run in batch.
  • Run batch every: The time in seconds between two consecutive runs. If you specify 0, the batch is always to start manually through the menu option in the connection client.
  • Hour start first batch: The execution of the first batch is delayed till the hour you specify (System clock of the machine the connection client is running on). This is only valid if you specified a non zero number in the previous field.
  • Where clause: expression to filter the records of the source table. Who is familiar with ANSI SQL, this is the where clause.

    Example: See working with record files. If you want to run the batch to work on records where the subject is 'database' then the where clause would be: Subject='database'.